Hello all, we are excited to be open! Between finding the right location, working out the lease and building out the site; this process has taken much longer than we had hoped. However, now that it's completed, we can finally get to what we are here for... GOLF!!
We love the game! The feeling one gets after that "perfect" shot, whether it be a drive, an approach or putt. Or, as my case maybe, scrambling to save after that errant shot. Bobby Jones once said, "golf is all about the 6 inches between our ears". While I agree that much of what challenges most people in golf tends to be mental, I also feel that practice, or more directly, lack of practice, effects ones play even more. "Practice makes perfect" is an old saying, because one can't hope or will themselves to be a better golfer. That was the driving force behind us opening IdaPro. We want to be better players, as I'm sure most of you do, so we needed some place to improve our game. While most of us love living here in The Treasure Valley, Mother Nature doesn't always allow us to play outdoors; thus, the Indoor Golf Center. 
Besides the obvious perks of avoiding snow, rain, wind and extreme heat or cold (which seems to be about 300 days a year here), indoor golf saves a lot of frustration! Starting with time. Time it takes to play a around, time looking for your ball, time waiting on the tee box, and God love them, but lately it seems I'm waiting on that group of First Tee kids. All that time is better utilized playing indoors; because here, time is exactly what you are buying. Spend just a half hour on the driving range or play a complete round in about 60-90 min, half the time you've wasted on the course. How about money, tired of wasting that too?? Money spent on over priced rounds or lessons, plus the greenbacks spent in getting there! Our simulators have 85+ course to play, costing you only $20 for 9 holes or $35 for 18. Can you say Pebble Beach one day, then Turnberry the next for $70 total, with no 10 hr. flight in between. (you couldn't help but to just smile here, could ya?) Do you need a coach, but think you can't afford it? How does Phil Mickelson's coach, a PGA top 5 pick, Rick Smith sound? And for only 40 bucks an hour! After you take your swing, the computer will analyze it, then Rick will give you skill tips to work on. (Now your starting to get it, right?) We want to take away the frustration associated with the weather, time, price and well... just make golf fun again!  
Come join us, and you will see why we think this is the ultimate year-around golfing experience!!!