We appreciate  you!
As great as any new business idea may be, without customer support, the business is doomed to fail. That's why we value our customer's loyalty so much. We will only be  successful when you feel the value and service that we provide is worthy of sharing with  others!
As our way of saying, "Thank You!", we've come up with a couple different ways to reward your support. First, we have referral cards that  will go into a monthly drawing for a free 9 hole play for you and the friend you referred. Next, we created Loyalty Cards that give you your 10th visit free.
We can't say THANK YOU enough for you sharing your experience here with others!

 The 10th visit is on us!
We've created two cards to reward our loyal customers. The first card is our Range Card, which you'll get one stamp for every paid 30 mins. After 9 stamps, bring the card back for your free half-hour.
The other card is for Course Play. You get one stamp for every 9-hole play paid. Playing 18 gets you 2 stamps, earning your free 9-holes faster; plus it will cost you less!

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Callaway Razr X
Play with just your 6 iron?
Want to try something fun on your next round, use only your 6 iron! The typical 6 has a 30 degree loft, right in the middle between your Driver and Pitching Wedge, making it your most versatile club in your bag. It's the perfect club for punch outs, fairway bunkers, bump and runs and for getting out of most trouble spots on the course. "The most important lesson from playing with just your 6-iron is how creative you'll be when you don't have a typical shot to play." Jeff Johnson, PGA. Doing this every now and then helps build confidence when that unusual shot shows up. Go ahead and try it; see how imaginative you can be!