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  EXCLUSIVE eNewsletter Member Special - FREE Impact Screen!

Our warehouse is moving and we want to sell it before we have to move it! From now until September 18th, you can get a FREE Econo Impact Screen ($200 VALUE) with the purchase of one of the following:
  • Create Your Own Golf Simulation Center    Only $249
    Our 10 x 10 x 10' Pro Practice Center includes the fittings and netting to provide you with an incredibly durable practice center...
    AND with the FREE Impact Screen, you can turn it into your own Golf Simulation Center!

  • Add Gaming to Your 4.0 Analyzer System!    Only $299
    Turn Your v4.0 Analyzer (Sport) system into a 4.0 Hybrid (Claret). Get in on this great deal with the FREE Impact Screen so that you can setup your full simulator at an incredibly low price!
      Only 2 Available - First Come, First Serve

  • Add Desert Dunes to Your 4.0 Hybrid System    Only $199
    The Desert Dunes is a Virtual Course with plush greens and challenging bunkers and now you can get in on this great deal with the FREE Impact Screen so that you can setup your full simulator at an incredibly low price!
      Only 1 Available - First Come, First Serve

  • Add Video Capture to Your Hybrid System    Only $399
    Provide Video Analysis of a P3ProSwing user's swing in conjunction with their club dynamics and ball flight. Draw lines and freeze frames; the single frame advance and slider bar controls can be used to fast forward and rewind to a specific segment of a swing. (supports up to two USB or DV cameras) Get in on this great deal with the FREE Impact Screen so that you can setup your full simulator with video capture at an incredibly low price!
      Only 1 Available - First Come, First Serve
Limit one per person. While quantities last. Sorry, no rain-checks.
  Summer Sale
  Review of NEW P3ProSwing Courses

We have gone through the new courses and given them a hardy testing and here is a quick summary of our findings:

"The new 31 course pack is a great addition to the P3pro system. The courses look great and are a big improvement from the original courses. Installation was not overly complicated, if you have a decent computer to run the software on. There are quite a few options to choose from like gimmes, mulligans, wind and course conditions and well as time of day. I found that the challenge of each course was very different, making each one worth while to play. It is a great balance between simulation and arcade golf. It is easy to set up a game and jump in, but has all the variety of the outdoor game. It's a fun way to enjoy the game while getting swing analysis and improving at the same time."
    - Alan Gallyer, Instructor

"These new courses have incredible graphics and make the system a lot more competitive with the systems that cost $50,000.00! I really like that you can pick the time of day and that the trees, sky and other items move with the changing weather - this really makes it feel more like you are on the course. The other great feature is that the long drive and closest-to-the-pin competitions are included at no extra charge. There are still a few minor bugs and it doesn't include the launch angle (if you have the launch angle camera option). The only major problem I had was that it required a really good computer with a high-end graphics card to run it properly. Other than that, it is definitely a whole new way to experience the P3Pro!"
    - Cory Gauvreau, Owner of Par2Pro

For more details on the new course, click here or call us at 1-877-417-2161.

Right now we got the courses in at an introductory price, so they are only $1299 for a 31-PAK (regularly $1749)!
  On the Horizon

  • Sports Coach 3D HSC Simulator/Analyzer Systems
    We are currently working with Sports Coach to make our official launch of their 3D High Speed Camera System. This system will start at around $10,000 for the sensors, software and accessories and feature high accuracy, 40 courses, easy installation, ability to use almost any flooring you choose and great support!

    Sports Coach Systems manufacture the largest range of indoor golf simulators. The GPS virtual golf simulator engine is 2 years ahead of any competitor worldwide and is updated constantly free of charge by in house programming.

    For more details on the new Sports Coach system, click here or call us at 1-877-417-2161.

  • GGS MX Ball Track Competes with P3Pro for Simulation
    GGS' New MX Ball Track measures ball path and speed. Simply place the sensor in front of your ball or embed it in a stance mat. The system incorporates a serial adapter to connect to your PC and functions with both ProX and GSA Golf software. It is completely modular allowing you to expand as required by joining two or three units together (so that you can add a sensor like the club mat to measure what the club is doing). Each module contains 128 IR sensors and a 24 bit velocity timer.

    • Suitable for all shots - full swing drives, irons and fairway woods, chips and putting.
    • Includes ProX Software with 20 Courses and GSA Software with 1 Course!
    • No other hardware required ( apart from PC and overhead lamp )
    • Dimensions: 9.85" x 9.85" cm x 1.58"
    • Introductory Price of Only $849 CDN

    It is estimated that the system will be ready within the next 4 weeks

    For more details on the new GGS MX Ball Track call us at
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