Sensor Comparison

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Base Model Price
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Technology Directly
Setup Time Main Benefit Main Weakness
R-Motion Golf Simulator R-Motion $199.00 USD Gyro Minimal Club TGC Minutes TGC Simulation Limited Accuracy
Dancin' Dogg Optishot Golf Simulator Optishot $499.00 USD 32 IR Reflection Minimal Club Proprietary Minutes Budget Friendly Limited Accuracy
P3ProSwing Golf Simulator Pro $999.00 USD 65 IR Reflection
LA Cam Optional
12-Point Club
LA Ball Opt
Red Chain Minutes to Hours Highly Accurate Club Data Woods/Putter Taping
SkyTrak  Launch Monitor / Golf Simulator SkyTrak $2,037.04 USD Photometric Ball Proprietary, WGT, TGC, E6 & PG Minutes Accurate Ball Data Response Delay
ProTee Golf Simulator TGC 2017 $2,915.00 USD 96 IR Shadow
w/LA Cam
Club & Ball TGC
(ProTee & E6)
Hours Large # of Incl. Courses Complex Setup
Ernest Sports Launch Monitor / Golf Simulator ES16 Tour $5450.00 USD Radar & Photometric Ball & Club Proprietary, TGC, E6 & JNPG Minutes Ball & Club Data Under Development
FlightScope Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Xi+
$6,795.00 USD Doppler
Ball &
Minimal Club
Minutes Uninterrupted
LH/RH Play
Does Not Read Putts
SportsCoach Simulator 3DU2-GPS40 $8,995.00 USD High Speed
Club & Ball Proprietary
Hours Low Cost Commercial Sim Complex Requirements
TruGolf Golf Simulator Vista 8 $10,495.00 USD IR Shadow
Club & Ball E6 Hours Portable Package Package Purchase Only
Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator GC2 w/FSX+5
& HQ2 Screen
$10,294.00 USD Photometric
Club Optional
Minutes Accuracy & Consistency Interrupted
LH/RH Play
FlightScope Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Xi Tour
$10,795.00 USD Doppler Club & Ball E6
Minutes Uninterrupted
LH/RH Play
Does Not Read Putts