Too cold & windy to play outside???
Finally, Fall like weather!! 

Don't be bummed! This use to be the time of year when we were trying to get in "just one more round". Even when the wind felt like it would blow right through you, your hands would be so cold that you believed they were numb until you hit a fat shot off the solid ground and it would sting, yet you knew how much you were going to miss playing, so you would endure it. These frustrations were one of the big reasons why we opened IdaPro Indoor Golf.  Our love for this game drove us to a solution where we could continue to play and not be in danger of getting frost bite! Call 336-GOLF (4653) to book your tee time on one of your favorite courses where the conditions are perfect!

      How's your Flexibility?
I don't think even in my 20's I was as flexible as Camilo Villegas pictured above; however, a good golf swing requires the flexibility to allow the spine, shoulders and hips to rotate and extend.  I like to use my driver, holding it wide, then rotating it behind my head. I'll also hold it while bending over with straight legs, breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Each breath takes me lower and lower, stretching my hamstrings. Simple stretches daily will help you maintain your balance and flexibility to play quality golf pain-free as you age!

New Courses Added!
Check out our course page...
ProTee added 19 new courses recently, included some must play courses like Congressional, Canterbury, Portmarnock and Olympic Club! We added a 
screenshot of every course (double-click on pics to see full screen) so you can see the type of terrain on which you will be playing. We also added links back to the real courses (double-click name) so you can learn more info. about each course before you play. Use the course rating provided to help you select the course that best matches your skill level!



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