OptiShot2 Golf Simulator

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The interactive, social way to play golf with OptiShot2 players around the world. Go head-to-head on every hole or join up with a foursome. Compete, socialize, win. It's a great way to get the ball rolling, have fun, and improve your play.

OptiShot2 Improved Accuracy

OptiShot Golf designers and engineers are leaders in the world of golf analytics. Through continuous research and development, the award-winning OptiShot2 has a swing and ball shot accuracy that is just like playing real golf. OptiShot2 has sixteen precisely-tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors. Each is calibrated to track your favorite clubs, before, during and after contact, giving you precise and instantaneous feedback on every shot.

Your Passport to the World's Golf Clubs

The OptiShot2 Golf Simulator now offers even more To-The-Tee™ replicas of the world's most exclusive golf courses. The OptiShot2 Gold Courses include 15 world-renowned tracks. Each is accurately rendered, fully immersive and standard in every OptiShot2 Golf Simulator.

It's a Golf Pro In a Box

The award-winning OptiShot2 Golf Simulator unites the latest technology with ease of use. It's compact enough to fit in a briefcase, yet advanced enough to produce results. The OptiShot2 Golf Simulator's enhanced design has increased accuracy and swing tracking on every club in your bag, including the unique woods and drivers of today. It requires no big set-up or big expense. With the OptiShot2 Golf Simulator, all you need is space enough to swing your clubs and a desire to improve. You'll lower your scores. Guaranteed.

Your House Is The Clubhouse

Just a few hours a week, you will:


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OptiShot2 Gold Courses

The OptiShot2 Platinum Courses

OptiShot2 Platinum Courses are an exclusive, ever-expanding library of premierfairways. All available through the OptiShot Golf webstore.

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